BOOK EARLY! YOGABEATS Workshop with David Sye 3/4 Feb 2018


Yogabeats™ is yoga with a difference. The yoga is an eclectic mix of styles designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability. Rather than using fixed postures. Yogabeats™ uses “micro-moves”. These are continuous movements which do not lock off the muscles or disrupt the blood flow and increase flexibility. These micro-moves originated with David observing how children were unable to hold fixed static postures, the conundrum that became apparent was who in fact was the teacher, and at this point David began to adopt and implement the shifting movements within his own practice with startling results and benefits, which are now supported by physiotherapists and body workers.

Yogabeats™ combines classic mobile yoga postures with the latest rhythmic and ambient world music. This involves a slow warm up section, the 1st half of the practice is designed to soften up the human ego, without austerity or force, but primarily by allowing, and fun, and asking the body itself for permission to “let go,” followed by a more intense second section, partner work and meditation.

Yogabeats™ engages all of your physical senses and provides a natural high and feelings of joy in the body. It creates tremendous vitality, balance and flexibility regardless of size, age or experience.

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1 day Early Bird £60 if pay by Saturday December 23rd 2017 or £70 for later payment

2 days Early Bird £100 if pay by Saturday December 23rd 2017 or £120 for later payment

It is worth booking in advance as David’s workshops fill fast.

For more information and booking details please contact Rebecca on or call 07907374278