Experiencing the Gift of the Present Moment with Andrew Wrenn Sunday 20th May 10am – 4pm

Experiencing the Gift of the Present Moment

with Andrew Wrenn – Sunday 20th May 10am – 4pm in The River Room

Whether you are relatively new to yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, there can be a tendency to become lost in the tools of yoga, especially the asana. There is a definite distinction between thinking about and applying your practice, or feeling and experiencing your yoga. To feel and to connect with your practice is to experience this presence moment in all it’s mystical glory.



Chanting the Bija mantras

Awareness through movement and holding asana. Deconstructing your approach to your practice physically, removing expectation and Past held beliefs and ideas to accept, acknowledge and delight in your physical present in this present moment.

The morning practice will consist of nurturing limbering movements, standing postures, seated postures and preparation for/full inversions.

Lunch & Optional River Swim

Satsang themed upon the realisation of the present moment.

Afternoon asana will be of a more restorative nature to soothe the nervous system and prepare for pranayama

Guided relaxation followed by Q&A


COST: £45

please contact Rebecca rebecca@theriverroom.org.uk for bank details. Full payment only confirms a place.

Andrew’s Bio:

I’m a British Wheel of Yoga trained Teacher with influences from classical and more contemporary Hatha Yoga traditions. I share my practice as a fusion of breath coordinated movements and classical postures which promote strength, flexibility and balance, culminating in a practice adaptable to all.


Having a background based in biology and an interest in different philosophical systems, I discovered the benefits of Yogic practice in my late 20’s. As a life-long asthmatic I turned to the yogic breathing techniques when my doctor prescribed stronger medication for the condition. Instead of increasing the medication I am now almost totally free from the symptoms and medication.

Since the late 90’s I have maintained a daily practice which has had a profoundly positive effect upon my physical and mental well-being. I am continuing to develop my practice and understanding of the principles and philosophy of yoga by exploring different approaches and attending retreats lead by international teacher Clive Sheridan.

My inquiry has drawn me to the traditions of Tantra and Advaita Vedanta. I’ve been travelling to remote sacred locations in the West Bengal area, diving deeply into the sacred roots of Yoga.

I have taught and led retreats in Europe, Middle East and India. My wish is to pass on my experience and understanding of yoga instructively, yet also with delight and passion.

I teach regularly on the leading European Yoga website Ekhart Yoga.