Yin-Restorative Yoga before Gong Bath on 2nd Friday of every month

I am really happy to say that I will be teaching a monthly Yin-Restorative class to coincide with Ondray & Graham’s wonderful Gong Baths in the River Room on the 2nd Friday of every month.The Yin class will run from 6.15pm – 7.45pm and  usually the Gong Bath will continue at 8pm

The next Gong Bath will be on February 14th 2020. Please note that there will be no Yin Yoga before hand.

Yin will return on March 13th 2020

Why not treat yourself to a full release and relaxation on a Friday evening by preparing your body and mind with soothing Yin/Restorative Yoga followed by the mesmerizing sound vibrations of Ondray’s and Graham’s beautiful, healing gongs? If you plan to come to both events, you might want to bring a snack to eat with a hot drink in between….

Cost Yoga class – £10 or use one of your block ‘tickets’
Gong Bath £10
(i.e. you can come to either or both of these monthly events)

What to expect from a Yin-Restorative Yoga Class:
In Yin Yoga we work very close to the mat, holding poses for between 3-5 minutes so to work deep into the connective tissue (Fascia) of the body. Yin tends not to work at a muscular level although sometimes it is beneficial to introduce a little bit of muscle and movement (yang) into a Yin practice. Yin can best be understood as an embodied meditation. We have time to become very intimate with our breath and our mind and through this beautiful practice experience ever-deepening tranquility and release. Sometimes we practice Restorative Yoga using lots of cushions, bolsters, blankets to find full comfort in the posture. In these classes, we give ourselves permission to fully rest and let go, focussing particularly on calming the nervous system.

My Yin teachers have been Esther Ekhart, Paul Wooding, Jackie Quayle and Norman Blair and I have now been teaching Yin for 4 years and truly love this profound practice and love to share it.

Please go to www.rebeccayoga.org.uk and/or www.theriverroom.org.uk for more information or call me on 07907374278, email rebecca@theriverroom.org.uk

much love