Opening to the Expression of Simply Being with Andrew Wrenn
Nov 25 @ 10:30 am – 3:30 pm

As yoga students, practitioners and teachers, how many times have we heard about the ‘journey or path’ of yoga? We practice and follow the eight limbs of yoga, yet again, this seems to be a sequential practice that is building up to something or leading somewhere.
Through the tools of asana, pranayama and meditation, realise it is not where we are going, or where we have been. The essence, the clarity… the love infinite, is ever present if we surrender to the expression of simply being, here and now in this present moment.
We will look at some of the symbology of yoga and introduce the philosophical ideas of OM and the experiential relevance this has upon our yoga practice and day to day lives. There will be OM chanting and meditation, practicing the concept of using the physical body and breath as a medium to present moment realisation (the expression of simply being).

We will apply the philosophy through the tools of Asana (limbering movements and classical postures) and in the afternoon we will share a Satsang (spiritual and philosophical discussion) with questions and answers.

The Day 10.30 – 15.30:
Short meditation
Exploring movement ‘circles of delight’
Morning Pranayama
Afternoon asana and pranayama

The practice is suitable for all with an open heart and an enquiring mind.

Cost £40 and full payment confirms a place
Please email for payment details

More information about Andrew:

I’m a British Wheel of Yoga trained Teacher with influences from different and classical Hatha Yoga traditions. I share my practice as a fusion of breath coordinated movements and classical postures which promote strength, flexibility and balance, culminating in a practice adaptable to all.

Having a background based in biology and an interest in different philosophical systems I discovered the benefits of Yogic practice in my late 20’s. As a life-long asthmatic I turned to the yogic breathing techniques when my doctor prescribed stronger medication for the condition. Instead of increasing the medication I am now almost totally free from the symptoms and medication.

Since the late 90’s I have maintained a daily practice which has had a profoundly positive effect upon my physical and mental well-being. I am continuing to develop my practice and understanding of the principles and philosophy of yoga by exploring different approaches such and attending retreats lead by international teacher Clive Sheridan.

I have taught and led retreats in Europe, Middle East and India. My wish is to pass on my experience and understanding of yoga instructively, yet also with delight and passion.
I teach regularly on the leading European Yoga website Ekhart Yoga.

I am married to yogini Francesca, and we enjoy sharing our passion for yoga at our studio  Pure Yoga Cheshire in Macclesfield and with Workshops in the Uk, Ireland and Europe.

Candle-Lit Heart Opening Yoga Workshop Saturday 16th December 2pm – 7pm
Dec 16 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The heart in yoga is the innermost resource for all feeling; it is the source of compassion and empathetic awareness. When our yoga practice is centered in the heart, something shifts for us, both on and off the mat. We become more closely in tune with our own feelings and can develop greater tenderness and patience towards both ourselves, and others around us. Quite handy perhaps for this giving and receiving time of year. Or, perhaps quite handy at any time of year!

This heart-opening workshop will take place in the beautiful River Room where we will be soothed by the warm glow of candlelight. The workshop will be divided into 2 sessions: 1 slow flow and 1 yin/restorative. These sessions are appropriate for mixed ability so beginners and more experienced practitioners are welcome but a degree of physical fitness is advisable. Working with slow flow first will gently open and strengthen us ready to be fully receptive to the energizing and nurturing qualities of the yin/restorative session. Both sessions will work with physical postures (asana), breathing practice (pranayama), meditation and deep, delicious relaxation.

I would recommend that you come along to both sessions as they are intimately linked OR as I know it’s a really busy time of year, you may prefer to choose to come to 1 session only. 

The full workshop costs £30 or each individual session costs £20. The workshop will include refreshments and all equipment is provided.

Please book by emailing Rebecca and I will send you full booking details.






YOGABEATS Weekend Workshop with David Sye
Feb 3 @ 10:00 am – Feb 4 @ 5:00 pm




Specific information to follow shortly – but here is some information from David’s website:

Yogabeats™ is yoga with a difference. The yoga is an eclectic mix of styles designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and ability. Rather than using fixed postures. Yogabeats™ uses “micro-moves”. These are continuous movements which do not lock off the muscles or disrupt the blood flow and increase flexibility. These micro-moves originated with David observing how children were unable to hold fixed static postures, the conundrum that became apparent was who in fact was the teacher, and at this point David began to adopt and implement the shifting movements within his own practice with startling results and benefits, which are now supported by physiotherapists and body workers.

Yogabeats™ combines classic mobile yoga postures with the latest rhythmic and ambient world music. This involves a slow warm up section, the 1st half of the practice is designed to soften up the human ego, without austerity or force, but primarily by allowing, and fun, and asking the body itself for permission to “let go,” followed by a more intense second section, partner work and meditation.

Yogabeats™ engages all of your physical senses and provides a natural high and feelings of joy in the body. It creates tremendous vitality, balance and flexibility regardless of size, age or experience.

For more information on David and Yogabeats go to


1 day Early Bird £60 if pay by Saturday December 23rd 2017 or £70 for later payment

2 days Early Bird £100 if pay by Saturday December 23rd 2017 or £120 for later payment

It is worth booking in advance as David’s workshops fill fast.

For more information and booking details please contact Rebecca on or call 07907374278

Roots2Yoga: Happy hips, healthy spine + super shoulders with Daniel Gelblum
Mar 10 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm


Roots2Yoga: Happy hips, healthy spine + super shoulders.

This workshop will give you more efficient and safer better organised mobility in the hips shoulders and spine. Guided exclusively by our senses.

Giving you the wonderful opportunity to learn to listen inside and trust your sensations. The benefits of the process we go through will improve not only our flexibility and strength, but help us develop bodily optimisim.

Daniel has created a unique style of exercise which enhances well being, general health, fitness, self awareness and deep relaxation. He developed roots2yoga by developing sequences based on the Feldenkrais method (awareness through movement and self functional integration) which help you experience yoga postures more comfortably, easily and beneficially, eliminating pain and strain. The improved balance,  flexibility, and strength you gain can help you to excel in, not only with holding postures but also, moving in and out of them more freely.

Cost: £45  -Please contact Rebecca for payment details

Daniel Gelblum is a Feldenkrais Practitioner and a Yoga and meditation Teacher

Feldenkrais for yoga and beyond!

Putting Yoga into Practice with Pete Blackaby
Apr 28 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm


To be effective it is important that our Yoga practice is underpinned by a reasonable theoretical understanding. Arguably there are three main things we need to consider. Firstly do we know how to lose tension by finding effective support through the floor and our bones. Secondly, within any personal constraints are we capable of carrying out the full range of normal human movement? Thirdly do we know how to listen to our sensory nervous system closely enough that we don’t move unnecessarily into discomfort.

This workshop will consider these aspects of yoga largely through practice, but with time to consider what and why we are doing things.

The workshop is principally for Yoga teachers or for Yogi(ni)s with a regular practice.

Cost £45 and please email Rebecca at for payment details. Please note that full payment secures a place.