Let Life In! Gratitude Yin-Yang Yoga Workshop with Rebecca
Mar 3 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm


As you come out of winter, are you ready to let new life in?  Do you feel content? In good spirits? Sometimes the end of winter can leave us a little flat-spirited, life feels a little mundane, we can feel impatient for change. Spring feels so close – but not quite here – this is a perfect time to explore how yoga can fight the blues, reconnect us with life’s ​energy and realign to the​ meaning in our ​lives. Partly, Yoga can help to get our energy flowing, to raise our spirits. The practice also allows us to enquire into how we can tune in to an innate joy and happiness in our daily lives, especially through cultivating feelings of gratitude and wonder in all that we experience.

The workshop will be inspired by ​Santosha. Santosha is a Sanskrit term and underlying principle in yoga meaning satisfaction and contentment. Contentment doesn’t mean complacency here or a short-term fulfilment of desires. Rather, understanding and practicing with Santosha helps us to see how we tend to always wish things were different or judge ourselves as inferior to others. These are merely habits that make us miserable. Santosha helps us fall back in love with the minutest of details in how we experience our bodies, our relationships and the world around us.

Come and join me in Letting Life In and explore what it feels like to be thankful for being alive!

As in previous workshops, we will combine Yin followed by Yang Yoga. In the Yin session we will target the Spleen and Stomach meridians to cultivate a feeling of harmony and acceptance; a feeling at ease with who we are, wherever we are. We will then allow this ease to flow into the Yang session, which will combine an uplifting anti-blues flow with some simple partner yoga to explore trust and compassion in the postures. We will explore how being fully present in the postures, breath, relaxation develops a warm sense of connection with life’s energy.

For the partner yoga, you may work with someone you’ve brought with you or with someone else in the room. It’s all good.

Cost: £40 and refreshments are included. Full payment is essential to confirm your booking. Please email me at for bank details.


Feldenkrais and Sounder Sleep workshop with Steve Cheslett-Davey
Mar 9 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Moving & Connecting: Self-care & nurture for supporting presence in daily life with Penny Collinson & Mary Abrams
Mar 20 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Self-care and self-nurture are important concepts within somatic movement education and therapeutic work. Together they support approaches to living that invite us to provide for ourselves, with interest and value, what is necessary for our well-being, growth, and development.

Self-care in the practice of somatic movement manifests by exploring ways to find inner-bodily support(s) for connecting with our inner lived-experience and the environment outside of us, so we can discover new ways of feeling supported in our general everyday life.

During this one-day workshop we will explore awakening our sensate and moving experience and offering interested attention to the personal responses discovered and expressed by each participant.  We will access inner-bodily support(s) through direct experience of sensation and feeling awareness moving within us inspired by guided movement meditations/practices including imagery and metaphor. We will also further practice skills of being more wholly present and how we can extend these experiences and awareness as supports for connecting and moving in our daily lives.

 This workshop is suitable for people with and without experience of somatic movement practice who are interested in learning more body-­mind awareness.

Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in, bring water, and a journal for notes and drawing.

Fee: £45/35 (Conc.)

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Mary Abrams, MA, RSME brings passion, skill, and an inquisitive spirit to her teaching. She directs programs and teaches at Moving Body Resources in New York City and teaches on the Masters in Dance & Somatic Well-being course in the UK, and the Continuum Training in Berlin. She comes from a 30 year dance background, 20 years of Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, and her ongoing work with Gary David, Ph.D in the biology of emotion and how we create meaning. She holds a BA in Dance and a MA in Consciousness Studies focusing on embodied movement practice and theory.

Penny Collinson, MA, RSMEOver twenty five years of moving, as a facilitator and performer, within improvisation, Authentic Movement and somatic movement practices has brought the body as central to all experience and supported her fundamental interest in sensing, moving and witnessing as tools for navigating ourselves in the world. Penny is a Senior Lecturer and has been teaching at UCLan for 19 years, running the masters programme, Dance & Somatic Wellbeing: Connections ot the Living Body. She has a private practice in Morecambe

Release, Restore & Renew with the New Moon with Kirsty Gallagher
Mar 22 @ 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm
Using the energies of the Full Moon our aim with this workshop will be to cleanse, release and let go. The full moon is a time of culmination and completion. It is where prana is at its peak and why we often feel so frazzled, emotional or high on energy at a full moon. It is a time of celebration and also of releasing – the fullness of the moon brings a peak but also shines a light on all that is standing in our way. Our workshop will begin with a little bit more information on how to work with the wisdom and energies of the full moon and a grounding meditation to centre and bring us into the moment. We’ll take a little time to look at what may be standing in our way and set some intentions to release. Following this we’ll move into a deeply releasing restorative yoga practice focusing on letting go in body, mind, heart and soul. We’ll move into quiet and stillness, looking inwards to identify any issues which may be holding you back in both your practice and daily life, working with the practice and full moon energies to release in order to move forwards. Weaving mudra, mantra, pranayama and most of all some full moon magic this workshop will leave you feeling restored, released and renewed ready to move forwards in your life. We will finish the workshop with a chakra clearing and releasing meditation.
Friday 22nd March 6.30 – 8.15pm The River Room in Halton £30
please contact Emmaline for more details 


Spring Soul Cleanse with Emmaline & Kirsty
Mar 23 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm


🌱S P R I N G ! The promise of longer days, warmth and sunshine. The feeling that something magical is waiting just around the corner. The longing for adventure and an inner stirring that tells you to begin to uncover some of the dreams that you have hidden during the hibernating winter months.

Come join Emmaline and Kirsty Gallagher Yoga at our annual Spring Soul Cleanse, we’ll use our breath and body to embrace new beginnings and opportunities. Clearing out what isn’t serving us in our life anymore, making room for what does and being grateful for all we have in between

This urban retreat offers you:

– Morning juicy yin yoga, meditation and intention setting with Kirsty …

-A delicious vegetarian spring lunch box …

– Afternoon spicy, twisty 2 hour spring vinyasa flow with Emmaline …

£45 including vegetarian lunch

Full payment is required to confirm your booking. Please email Emmaline at for bank details xx

Terms and conditions of booking are:
• Once full payment has arrived/transferred your place is secured.
• Places are given in order of payment arriving (either via bank transfer, in class or cheque)
• Cancelled places receive a refund minus a 10% admin charge if the cancellation is received via email 1 week before the workshop date.
• Cancellations after this time are not refundable
• Cancellations must be given via email only

Healthy regards
Emmaline & Kirsty x

Feldenkrais Fundamentals Workshop. “Twists And Turns” with Steve Cheslett-Davey
Apr 6 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Diving Deeper into Yoga & Meditation with Krishna Premananda
Jun 30 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

We are thrilled that Krishna Premananda from Mandala Ashram is coming to the River Room in June 2019 to share his skills and experience with us. This will be an unmissable event!

Skilful yoga practice gradually leads us from the known to the unknown, from the external manifest world to the subtle yet beautiful landscapes that lie within. In many conventional western yoga classes, the primary focus is on asana/ posture and relaxation. Whilst these can no doubt bring significant benefit, it is like dipping our toes in the shallows when the vast ocean of yoga practice lies before us, patiently waiting for us to dive deeper.

In this seminar, we will explore some of the pathways open to us to dive deeper. These will include the pathways of meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama and mudra. They will be accessible practices that you can continue at home. It is an opportunity to explore, with no expectation, what the true science of yoga and meditation freely offers to us.

Open to all who have the interest and aspiration to open to the subtler aspects of their own Being within the serene natural setting of the River Room.

Cost £50 (not including lunch but hot drinks and snacks will be provided)

Please contact if you would like to book a place.