Christmas Kirtan with Sophie Hryniewicz, Ryan Dixon & Friends
Dec 15 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm


Please come and be uplifted by Christmas Mantra and Music (Kirtan) in the River Room on Saturday December 15th at 7.30pm.

We are thrilled that Sophie Hryniewicz and Ryan Dixon will be leading the Kirtan: Sophie with her achingly beautiful voice and harmonium playing, and Ryan his uplifting percussion skills played from the heart.

They will be joined by other great local musicians – including you perhaps. Everyone is welcome – the more the merrier! You don’t need to have any experience of mantra and we will provide word-sheets. All you need is to turn up with your voice, an open heart and an instrument if you can.

Kirtan means ‘to repeat’ and is the ancient Bakthi devotional yoga practice of call and response singing and chanting. Mantras are the eternal sound vibrations of nature and transcend religion and culture. Chanting mantra can have many life-changing effects, one of them being a direct opening of the heart and a growing sense of peace, bliss, joy and unconditional love. This is the time of year for it!

Sophie lives at Mandala Yoga Ashram in South Wales and regularly leads high energy uplifting Kirtans. She aspires to always sing from the heart, and takes inspiration from both current artists and timeless, traditional mantras.

Ryan has over 10 years experience working as a Community Musician specialising in Drums & percussion. He is also a Yoga teacher and trained at the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales. It was the Kirtan events at the Ashram that revealed the connection between his experiences in Yoga and Community Music, and the reason why he’s involved in both to this day

COST: £15

OR if you also attend Rebecca’s Christmas Candlelit Yoga Heart-Opening Yoga Workshop on Sunday 16th December 2-7pm (£40) the combined price is £45

Please contact Rebecca on 07907374278 or for any more details or just turn up on Saturday night.

Candlelit Heart Opening Yoga Workshop with Rebecca
Dec 16 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

This will be the third year that I run a Yin-Yang Candlelit Heart Opening Yoga Workshop shortly before Christmas. The last two years have been really heart-warming and lovely and I hope you’ll either come again or try it for the first time.

We will begin with a heart-centred, uplifting flow followed by a break for some zesty, spicy snacks and hot drinks. We will then melt into a heart-opening Yin practice, ending with a Yoga Nidra so that we leave the River Room warm, open and full of love, ready for the Christmas days ahead.

The heart in yoga is the innermost resource for all feeling; it is the source of compassion and empathetic awareness. When our yoga practice is centred in the heart, something shifts for us, both on and off the mat. We become more closely in tune with our own feelings and can develop greater tenderness and patience towards both ourselves, and others around us. Quite handy perhaps for this giving and receiving time of year. Or, perhaps quite handy at any time of year!

COST: £40 including refreshments
or £45 for Sunday Workshop + Saturday Christmas Kirtan with Sophie and friends (7.30pm in the River Room)

Please email Rebecca at or call/text 07907374278 to book a place. Bookings only confirmed upon payment and I will supply bank details by email/text. As this is has been a busy event in the past I recommend you book early.

Hope you’ll come XX

Yoga Nidra, Yin & Gong Bath Gift on Christmas Eve
Dec 24 @ 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm


*SOLD OUT – Waiting List on Evenbrite*

Please join us at the RIver Room on Christmas Eve from 2.30 – 5.30 pm for a deliciously relaxing session of Yoga Nidra with Will, Yin Yoga with Rebecca and a Gong Bath with Ondray & Graham.

Together, we have designed the combination of Meditation, Asana (physical postures) and Sound to give you the perfect gift on Christmas Eve – a journey into deep relaxation and spaciousness right in the midst of the Christmas revelries.

First will be a Yoga Nidra session to deeply relax you, ready for a soothing and opening Yin Yoga session. Both of these will prepare you for a deep soak in the mesmerising sound and vibrations of the Gong Bath. This will be an immersive experience leaving you rested and refreshed, ready for the evening and few days to come.

Places are limited so please register by ‘buying’ a free ticket by going to the Event Brite link here – you will need to bring your ticket along on the day.

With love from Rebecca, Will, Ondray & Graham

Replenish, Rejuvenate & Recharge: New Year Yin Yang Yoga Workshop with Rebecca
Jan 13 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm









In the New Year we often tend to think about how we’d like our lives to be different. We set our resolutions with eager plans to start the year as we mean to continue. In the yogic tradition, we often set our Sankalpa – a Sanskrit word for intention or resolve.  We set this as a determination, to become or to do something fresh in our lives.

For so many of us our lives have changed in dramatic and subtle ways as a result of yoga.

Lets start 2019 with a cleansing and rejuvenating workshop to detox our bodies and to explore the power of transformation both on and off the mat. Through our practice together we can, at least personally, build hope, love and optimism into our lives!

We will start with a Yin sequence to clear and nourish the kidney and liver meridians (energy pathways according to Chinese Medicine) – the kidney and liver are organs responsible for detoxing our system and for balancing our energy levels, especially in times of physical and emotional change. This soothing Yin sequence will prepare our bodies for an energizing, spicy, twisty Yang flow to bring fresh buzz and creativity into our minds and bodies to leave us feeling clean and fresh again. As always, we will round up with a long, deeply restorative Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation). We will also practice lovely pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

The workshop is appropriate for mixed ability so beginners and more experienced practitioners are welcome although a degree of physical fitness is definitely advisable.

Cost – £40 including refreshment and all equipment is provided.

Please book by emailing Rebecca on Full payment secures your place – last year this workshop filled very quickly so I recommend booking early to avoid disappointment.

Feminine Awakening Workshop with Liz Bortoli
Feb 17 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Feminine Awakening: Womb Yoga and massage workshop to restore balance and vitality


About the Workshop:
Goddesses… it’s time to liberate your inner shakti – your inner power.
Learn simple and powerful techniques to reconnect joyfully with your naturally arising feminine wisdom.
Tune into the power of your cyclical wisdom through ‘Mizan Therapy’ and ‘Womb Yoga’
An empowering workshop to help you find balance and vitality in everyday living.
What will be included in the workshop?
• Introduction to Womb Yoga and physical postures (asanas)
• Chanting, guided meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama) to support female vitality
• Cyclical wisdom, menstrual charting and self-care
• Mizan Therapy – guided self-massage
• Women’s circle/ sharing opportunities (optional)
• Tea and cake (GF/ vegan)

What will I take away from this workshop?
You will be taught the art of Mizan self-massage, connecting with your womb space through meditation and pranayama breathing, and a series of easy to remember Yoga asanas. You will be given a course booklet including step-by-step instructions for the self-massage, womb yoga practices, and a template for menstrual charting to take you into the coming months.
Depending on your individual needs, you may also like to take away with you yoni steams, castor oil packs and fajas (womb binding).
You will leave this workshop feeling balanced, energized and empowered.

Who is this workshop for?
All women, whether menstruating or not. In other traditions this kind of women’s work is absolutely the norm but sadly, in our westernised culture we have simply lost our connection with ourselves and forgotten the truth of who we really are.

The workshop may especially be of interest (but certainly not limited) to women who:
• Have menstrual problems (i.e. heavy or painful periods, clotting, very light periods)
• Are on their journey to conceive/ have fertility challenges
• Are in post-natal recovery
• Are in the ‘wise woman’ years of menopause or peri-menopause
• Have more specific issues of the reproductive system such as PCOS/ endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids etc.
• Have problems of the urinary and digestive systems
• Have low energy, poor sex drive, cyclical headaches and migraines
• Anyone who would like to feel more vitality through a healthier connection with their womb space and inner wisdom.

Is there anything I need to bring?
Come in comfortable clothing. We will be in deep relaxation so it’s important that you are warm.
Other than that, just bring yourselves, an open mind and an open heart.

Do I need to have any experience of Yoga or womb work or before?
Absolutely not! The physical Yoga is gentle and suitable for anyone (even with no Yoga experience)
Whether you’re already some way into your inward ‘womb’ journey or this is the first time you’ve ever thought about it, there’s opportunity for new learning, sharing, experiencing and reconnecting with your own true self.
Liz Bortoli, Holistic Health Derbyshire

Please Contact Liz to book a place

Diving Deeper into Yoga & Meditation with Krishna Premananda
Jun 30 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

We are thrilled that Krishna Premananda from Mandala Ashram is coming to the River Room in June 2019 to share his skills and experience with us. This will be an unmissable event!

Skilful yoga practice gradually leads us from the known to the unknown, from the external manifest world to the subtle yet beautiful landscapes that lie within. In many conventional western yoga classes, the primary focus is on asana/ posture and relaxation. Whilst these can no doubt bring significant benefit, it is like dipping our toes in the shallows when the vast ocean of yoga practice lies before us, patiently waiting for us to dive deeper.

In this seminar, we will explore some of the pathways open to us to dive deeper. These will include the pathways of meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama and mudra. They will be accessible practices that you can continue at home. It is an opportunity to explore, with no expectation, what the true science of yoga and meditation freely offers to us.

Open to all who have the interest and aspiration to open to the subtler aspects of their own Being within the serene natural setting of the River Room.

Cost £50 (not including lunch but hot drinks and snacks will be provided)

Please contact if you would like to book a place.