Yoga with Rebecca: Gentle Yoga

20th April 2018 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am

In this Gentle class, we combine slow flow with specific posture work. The class proceeds at a slower pace than the Hatha/Vinyasa class, taking longer over poses and transitions between them. This class is perfect for beginners or if you just feel you want a more gentle experience on the mat. In many ways, a gentler class can be more advanced in that we spend more time really enquiring into the poses, breath and movement.

This is about more than working your body – everything we practice physically in yoga is intimately informed  by an ancient, rich and fascinating  philosophy going back thousands of years  and yet more relevant today than ever. I weave aspects of this philosophy into the teaching of breathing techniques, physical postures, relaxation and meditation. Through my classes, my aim is for you to feel wonderfully stretched, spacious and strengthened, your breathing smooth and regular and with a deep sense of calm and alignment with what matters in life.

I first encountered yoga when I was a stressed 15 year old and my grandmother showed me a sequence of asanas (physical postures) to help focus and calm my mind. I continued to practise on an off, and in the last 10 years began to take it more seriously, establishing a regular practice. In 2014 I took this further by completing a British Wheel Foundation Course in preparation for teacher training on the British Wheel Teaching Diploma. I am now qualified as a Yoga Teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga (accounting for 500 hours of training). Teaching students of all ages and levels of experience has transformed my own relationship to yoga and confirmed this is what I most love doing!  Tel: 07907374278