One Off Events

7:00 pm
Inner Dance is a music, sound and sensory meditation which invites us to drop into a deeper state of awareness where we may be moved to dance or simply to travel through different mind states.[...]
10:00 am
  This workshop will be a beautiful celebration of all the wonderful things in life. Autumn is a time of balance and also the time of the year where we harvest all of the wonderful[...]
10:30 am
As yoga students, practitioners and teachers, how many times have we heard about the ‘journey or path’ of yoga? We practice and follow the eight limbs of yoga, yet again, this seems to be a[...]
10:00 am
  To be effective it is important that our Yoga practice is underpinned by a reasonable theoretical understanding. Arguably there are three main things we need to consider. Firstly do we know how to lose[...]