Covid Information

Covid-information for users of the River Room (please read carefully if you are coming to these classes):

  • Arrive at the River Room dressed ready for class either with your own equipment or now it is ok to use the River Room equipment but please tidy it away at the end of a class.
  • Wear a mask when entering the building. The mask can be removed once in the River Room.
  • Enter the building up the metal stairs on the River side of the Mill and come straight into the River Room without staying in the corridor.
  • Use hand sanitiser at the entrance to the building.
  • Shoes can be taken off and left in the River Room  – please don’t leave them in the corridor outside.
  • Place your mat in one of the marked spaces (marked at a 2 meter distance between mats) & at the end of the class, please spray and wipe the area on the floor under your mat. Spray and paper towels will be available in the River Room.
  • The only toilets for use are downstairs and can be accessed by going down the metal steps and around to the door by the Mill Lane end/stone steps. Please use the hand sanitiser by the toilet entrance before using them. Only one person should be in each toilet area at a time.
  • Parking – During the day, parking on the river side of the Mill is reserved for people working in the Mill, while the grassed over spaces are reserved for canoeists at all times. There are three spaces on the Mill Lane end (by the stone steps) which are available for class members. If they are full there should be space on Forge Lane – the road going up the hill outside the Mill entrance. **Can you please not park outside people’s homes on Mill Lane, the road opposite the Mill entrance along the river,  as this can upset our neighbours**. From 5.30, you can park in any labelled Halton Mill parking space – please don’t park in the Lancaster Cohousing spaces. People with mobility difficulties are welcome to use the disabled parking spaces at any time.
  • Infection – Please let me know if you have tested positive for C19/ have C19 symptoms or have been in close contact with anyone who has. In these circumstances you should not come into the Mill.
  • Track and Trace – Teachers will need to keep contact details of all class participants for 21 days for the NHS in case of any infection.