Meditation in Strange Times with Will Medd

14th September 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm

Meditation in Strange Times with Will Medd

6 week on-line course

Starts Monday 14th September for 6 weeks

8.00 – 9.30 pm, on Zoom

 Living in these strange times, meditation offers a simple, powerful and timeless practice that has become an inner haven for many people. In cultivating awareness of groundedness, connection, aliveness and compassion, people have been able to nurture a sense of clarity, purpose and possibility in this uncertain world.

Where to start though? This course offers both an introduction to fundamentals of meditation, including mindfulness and loving kindness, while inviting you to explore how you can bring the insights of meditation into your everyday life.  This will include exploring how to be with the more difficult situations and emotional challenges you encounter, as well as to experience more fully the beauty of life.

While working online isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, there is the advantage of being able to practice within your own space. If needing to cut out noise, headphones are recommended!

Suitable for beginners and for those who want to take their meditation further, the focus over six weeks will be exploring how to develop your own practice, including:

  • cultivating an inner sanctuary – a place of groundedness and connection
  • mindfulness of the body, breath, thoughts and emotions
  • nurturing loving kindness, joy and compassion
  • being with difficult situations, emotions and thoughts
  • the role of observation and awareness in everyday life

As well as the weekly class, participants will be encouraged to join morning meditations on Tuesday and Thursdays and will also have access to recordings of the practices from the classes.  There will also be the possibility of a 1-1 session.

Given the difficult economic situation for many people, there is no charge for this course. For those that feel able you are invited to contribute a donation to Will.

To register your interest please email Will and let him know ( During August you’ll get an out-of-office reply.  He will then make contact in the first week of September to answer any queries and confirm arrangements and Zoom details.

About Will

Will first began meditating as a student over 25 years ago, learning mindfulness and loving kindness meditations. After a long gap, and revitalised by yoga practices, Will came back to meditation as an important practice to both navigate and celebrate all that life offers.  As a professional life coach his passion is in enabling people to feel fully alive and at peace – while also of course trying to do that himself!

He is trained as a mindfulness teacher and is a Certified iRest Teacher.  As such, the course builds on various traditions of meditation, particular building on the teachings of the meditative heart of yoga though a practice called iRest®.   iRest has been developed over 40 years by Dr. Richard Miller and associates, drawing on the ancient tradition of Yoga Nidra (the meditative heart of yoga) and adapted to the conditions of modern life.

As an experienced teacher will likes to create a relaxed atmosphere that is invitational, experiential and experimental. He’s worked on Zoom for the past 6 years hosting groups and is happy in creating a comfortable mode of working online.

More about Will at and links to some recorded meditations on youtube via

Feedback from previous courses

 “I looked forward to coming each week. I use the breathing exercises and do short meditations which are extremely relaxing.  I am more aware of myself in the world which is interesting!..  I found it addictive! The 1:1 was really good.  It was interesting to delve into your thoughts, something I hadn’t done. Thank you it was all fabulous.”

“I loved the course. The 1:1 was an excellent way to focus on the process and really allowed me to get it in a very personal and real way at my own pace with my issue …I would say it’s a unique comprehensive meditation experience that offers a range of tools that can to use to help maintain a healthy balance of perspective to respond to life”

“I enjoyed the course and found it very supportive and engaging. It was well-organised and the booklet and the emails with the sessions was so useful with the meditation at home.”

“You will not be the same person who walked in the door on the first day. You will be a better, happier, functioning you, when you walk back out”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and the highlight for me was the 1-1 … The quality and quantity of my sleep has improved and my anxiety levels are much improved”