Coming Home to Yourself – Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Rebecca & Will

18th October 2020 @ 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Coming Home to Yourself

Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Rebecca & Will

 Sunday 18th October 3 – 6pm

The River Room AND via ZOOM

This 3-hour workshop on a Sunday morning will be gentle, restful and deeply nourishing – you can book one of the limited places in The River Room or retreat in your own home via Zoom.

We don’t know about you but right now, Will and I feel like we wake up in the morning never quite sure of what is going to happen next. Maybe we are all feeling this – perhaps you’re right up there on your tiptoes watching and waiting for some signs of clarity and hope, or maybe retreating, tucking yourself away, wishing for the storm to pass?

For this workshop, in this time of wild uncertainty, it doesn’t feel right to push and challenge ourselves. We have plenty of opportunities to do that (see Feeling Alive Yoga Workshop 11th October). Instead, “Coming Home to Yourself” is an invitation to come to the mat for some distinctly post-ambitious Yoga! This is an invitation for all of us to take the time to pause and explore the Breath (Pranayama), Gentle Movement (Asana), Meditation & Relaxation (Yoga Nidra) – to find a place to be with and feel a sense of self which is at ease, at home, relaxed and spacious.

Whatever the degree of discomfort, pain and turmoil we experience in our lives, a whole range of contemplative traditions, including Yoga, point towards how we can always tap into and draw from a deep inner well of nourishing goodness, a tonic of ease, peace and calm. In other words, we can access a dimension of ourselves which is at the core of our being, always present, always there. And this connection can feel infinitely soothing at the same time as something of a deep recognition – a noticing and remembering of ourselves as calmer, more expansive, more joyful. Isn’t it right at the moment, that now more than ever, we need to find and remember this vital connection?

We very much hope you’ll join us either in The River Room or via Zoom.

Booking & Costs

NB – Equipment and refreshments are not currently provided by the River Room. Please bring mat, bolster, bricks & blocks, blankets and anything to eat and drink you think you might fancy in the short breaks.


Email:    Tel: 07907374278