Coming Home to Yourself: Yoga & Meditation Workshop with Rebecca

3rd October 2021 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

Either face to face in the River Room or via Zoom

Cost: River Room £30: via Zoom £20

 Please book HERE

In this workshop, we’ll share a gentle, restful and deeply nourishing practice to find a place to re-centre, re-ground – to be with, and feel a sense of self which is at ease, at home, relaxed and spacious.

We will be exploring something of the meaning of YOGA from the ancient Indian Tradition. YOGA derives from the Sanskrit term YUJ – referring to a union of body, mind and spirit. Sometimes this union is described through the PANCHA KOSHAS –  layers  – some obvious, some more subtle – that make us what we are – and able to live fully at the same time as accessing peace, spaciousness and stillness. Shiva Rea describes the Pancha Koshas as a “Map of Ourselves”  taking us from  “The periphery of the body, moving towards the core of the self; the embodied soul” (2007).

In the workshop, we will literally come home to ourselves through learning about the map through experience, in meditation, breath-work (pranayama), physical sequences (asana) and Yoga Nidra.

The workshop is appropriate for any level of yoga experience, although if you have any condition that may affect your yoga practice, please let me know so I can recommend any adaptations.

I very much hope you’ll join me either in The River Room or via Zoom

For more information about Rebecca’s teaching, please go to or phone 07907374278. Email: