Coming Home Yoga Workshop with Rebecca

14th October 2018 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Yoga can be experienced as a Coming Home: a return to the self, to the centre, to a place of peace and quiet spaciousness. In its most profound sense, the very purpose of Yoga is to reveal to us that we are so much more than our individual bodies, minds, emotions – in other words we are so much more than our apparent selves. Through the experience of Yoga, apart from the simple fun of the practice on the mat, we can feel ourselves to be part of something so much more expansive and mysterious – something infinitely vital, boundlessly joyful.

In this workshop at the River Room, we will combine the very still and deeply releasing practice of Yin Yoga with a more spicy Yang Flow. By first opening into the soles of the feet, the hamstrings and hips, we will experience a grounding and the sensation of a profound stability and support from the earth for our whole physical, mental and emotional being – a coming home to our roots. After a tea break with delicious, nourishing snacks, we will then build from the earth upwards and outwards as we flow with more heat, lightness and joy. The combination of Yin and Yang will leave us feeling both earthed and expansive, both rooted and open to the vitality of life around us. We will end with a Yoga Nidra for deep relaxation.

This is a practice for everyone and so beginners are welcome, although a degree of physical fitness is definitely advisable

Please pay £40 to book your place (this includes refreshments):

SC 402702

AC 01528297

If you’d like any more information, please contact Rebecca on 07907374278 or