Heart-Opening Candlelit Yoga Workshop with Rebecca

20th December 2020 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Rebecca Ellis
Heart-Opening Candlelit Yoga Workshop with Rebecca @ Zoom

Sunday 20th December 2 – 7pm
Via Zoom only
Cost: £30***

All Bookings + access to Zoom Link & Password by Bookwhen

Hi Everyone

Please join me for this year’s Candlelit Heart Opening Yoga Workshop on Sunday 20th December 2 – 7pm via Zoom only.
Christmas is a good excuse to open our hearts and spread as well as receive love and compassion. And as I begin preparing for this workshop, I know I want to fill it with more love, more nourishment and more gratitude than ever before. Right now, we surely need an excess of these qualities in our lives in such a way that they spill over for everyone we come into contact with. We might not be able to hug everyone or see everyone we’d like to, but by tuning in through Yoga, Meditation & Relaxation to the deep loving resonance of the heart space –Hridayākāsha in Sanskrit – we might just feel more tenderness and connection with people close by and far away.
We’ll begin with a heart-centred, tender flow and after a break, melt into a heart-opening Yin practice, ending with a Yoga Nidra (relaxation). If we were in the River Room, we’d be bathed in candlelight and we’d share zesty, spicy snacks. Why don’t we all re-create the same thing in our homes? Candles, hot water bottles, something delicious and warming to eat and drink during the break? We could share recipes. Once you’ve Booked (via Bookwhen only), I’ll send you recipes for the nourishing Energy Balls I make every year plus a Music Playlist to flow and melt to.
This workshop will be for everyone – although if you have any condition that may affect your yoga practice, please let me know so I can recommend any adaptations.
One good thing about Zoom is that more people can come to this workshop, which every year so far (and this will be the fifth year running), has ended up with a waiting list and some disappointment. If you’ve come before, I hope you’ll come again and if you’ve never experienced the workshop, I hope you’ll try it out for the first time. Maybe you’d like to give the workshop as a gift to a friend? You could invite members of your family to join in for the whole workshop or to drop-in to parts of it.

Hope to see you there!
Much love

*** If you have committed to at least 6 classes of early morning yoga during the last block, you already know that your place for this workshop is FREE.