“Mindful Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gong & Shiatsu – Slow Down Saturday” with Zoë Pirie

18th April 2020 @ 10:00 am – 1:30 pm

“Mindful Yoga, Meditation, Chi Gong & Shiatsu – Slow Down Saturday” with Zoë Pirie

Sat. 18th April and 13th June from 10am-1.30pm & 7th November, 11am-2.30pm; each workshop £35 including tasty treats 🙂

​The Saturday workshops offer a great opportunity to practice Mindful Yoga, Meditation, simple breathing and relaxation techniques, Chi Gong (like Tai Chi, often done in parks in China and Japan) and self-Shiatsu, learning how to treat key acupressure points for health and happiness. There’s time for movement and stilness; chatting and silence; taking notes and trying new things out in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Mats, bolsters and blankets etc. are provided so you don’t need to bring equipment unless you wish to. The yoga session includes a range of poses and movements including restorative yoga poses where we can be still for longer than usual, supported by various props to feel blissfully relaxed. We will also hold and deepen stretches to release tension in muscles and fascia (connective tissue) significantly releasing tightness and pain, leaving us refreshed and re-energised. The flowing Chi Gong movements can be done in standing or sitting and you may sit or lie down to enjoy the calming meditations. Breath and move at your own pace, doing as much or as little as you wish all day.

So, join in the fun to stretch out, tone up and slow down. All ages, abilities and spiritual beliefs welcome – no experience necessary. Limited places so please book soon.
Dr. Zoë Pirie 07483 214210email@yoga-shiatsu.co
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