Monthly Yoga Session with Bev

19th June 2019 @ 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Please come and Join me for my first monthly yoga session at the River rooms.

My monthly yoga classes are 2 hours long so we can experience all the aspects of a well balanced yoga class.

This months theme is Interconectedness.

As June a month of the summer solstice, a time of lighter brighter warmer days, where nature is beautiful and abundant. As we are all part of the same source, we too blossom with the summer season,

this month, let’s  find our surya namaskar practice,

from simple grounding prostrations to stronger variations of this celebration of the centre of our universe, earths star, our sun ☀

With Sanskrit Mantra, Mudra, positive intention,

Flowed by a yoga nidra, meditation with a centring thought.

£11.50 if booked and paid prior to session

£14 drop in price. for info and payment details.