Moving & Connecting: Self-care & nurture for supporting presence in daily life with Penny Collinson & Mary Abrams

20th March 2019 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Self-care and self-nurture are important concepts within somatic movement education and therapeutic work. Together they support approaches to living that invite us to provide for ourselves, with interest and value, what is necessary for our well-being, growth, and development.

Self-care in the practice of somatic movement manifests by exploring ways to find inner-bodily support(s) for connecting with our inner lived-experience and the environment outside of us, so we can discover new ways of feeling supported in our general everyday life.

During this one-day workshop we will explore awakening our sensate and moving experience and offering interested attention to the personal responses discovered and expressed by each participant.  We will access inner-bodily support(s) through direct experience of sensation and feeling awareness moving within us inspired by guided movement meditations/practices including imagery and metaphor. We will also further practice skills of being more wholly present and how we can extend these experiences and awareness as supports for connecting and moving in our daily lives.

 This workshop is suitable for people with and without experience of somatic movement practice who are interested in learning more body-­mind awareness.

Please wear clothing that is comfortable to move in, bring water, and a journal for notes and drawing.

Fee: £45/35 (Conc.)

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Mary Abrams, MA, RSME brings passion, skill, and an inquisitive spirit to her teaching. She directs programs and teaches at Moving Body Resources in New York City and teaches on the Masters in Dance & Somatic Well-being course in the UK, and the Continuum Training in Berlin. She comes from a 30 year dance background, 20 years of Continuum with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, and her ongoing work with Gary David, Ph.D in the biology of emotion and how we create meaning. She holds a BA in Dance and a MA in Consciousness Studies focusing on embodied movement practice and theory.

Penny Collinson, MA, RSMEOver twenty five years of moving, as a facilitator and performer, within improvisation, Authentic Movement and somatic movement practices has brought the body as central to all experience and supported her fundamental interest in sensing, moving and witnessing as tools for navigating ourselves in the world. Penny is a Senior Lecturer and has been teaching at UCLan for 19 years, running the masters programme, Dance & Somatic Wellbeing: Connections ot the Living Body. She has a private practice in Morecambe