Opening the Heart Space with Krishna Premananda

8th March 2020 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

We’re so delighted that Krishna Premananda from Mandala Yoga Ashram will be returning to the River Room in March 2020 to share his deep, tender and subtle practice.

Please come XXX

The Heart Space is our centre of love, compassion, kindness and gratitude. It is where we reach out to Life and can feel a trust or a knowing that we are innately connected to the Whole. Yet the heart can easily be vulnerable or guarded. Furthermore, the refined energies of the heart can often be overshadowed by the dominant mind with its web of compulsive thinking and habitual patterns which sustain a limited self-image.

In this day seminar we will work with accessible practices – such as meditation, yoga nidra, asana, pranayama and mudra – to connect with and patiently open the heart. We will explore the nature of our emotional landscape and the defences we use to protect the heart. We will also focus on qualities such as self-empowerment, discernment, gratitude, generosity and compassion.

Open to all who are drawn to experiencing heart centred practices with the willingness to open and embrace the heart.

Cost £50 (not including lunch but hot drinks and snacks will be provided)

Please contact if you would like to book a place.