Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga Workshops 2022

5th March 2022 @ 12:30 pm – 2:30 pm
The River Room
Sue Denerley

Seasonal Vinyasa Yoga Workshops 2022

The River Room,  Halton Mill,  Mill Lane

Halton,  Lancaster  LA2 6ND

All workshops are on Saturdays from 12.30 – 2.30pm

We’ll learn about the element associated with the season, as well as the linked organs,  colours and chakras.

5th  March – Spring –   March, April and May – A time for spring cleaning not just your house but also your mind, body and breath.  This includes detoxing practices to rid ourselves of toxins and dynamic mobilising asana to wake the body up and shake of the heavy energy of Winter.  Sankalpas (positive affirmations) are made at this time of year.

4th  June – Summer –  June, July, August – During the months of summer our energy is at it’s peak.  With warmer weather, this is the perfect time to move into a slower, deeper stretching practice.  Traditional Sun Salutation is associated with this time of year.

3rd  September – Late Summer – September, October – This is an extra season in yoga.  A time of transition between summer and autumn.  A time for harvesting.  Sometimes at this time of year we feel restless.  The perfect antidote for those feelings are balances.

5th  November – Autumn – November, December – At this time of year we need to slow down, conserve energy and encourage practises that boost the immune system and support the respiratory system with both asana practice and pranayama (breath)

10th  December – Winter – January, February – Winter is generally the coldest, wettest, darkest time of the year.  It’s a good time to nurture and nourish ourselves. This is the time to make the most of the opportunity to reflect on the year before and make plans for the year to come

Cost of individual workshops is £15.  Discounted price of £60 for all 5 workshops.  For more information please contact me at or message me, Sue Denerley, on 0796244929