Yoga for Beginners

3rd September 2018 @ 6:00 pm ā€“ 7:15 pm
Are you completely new to yoga or have you tried a couple of classes and want to develop a more regular practice? Are you looking to build strength and flexibility in your body as well as finding deep peace and relaxation? If so this class may well be for you. I should also say that a beginners class is actually good for all of us, whether or not we have weeks, months or years of Yoga experience ā€“ sometimes coming back to the beginning can bring a whole fresh insight and level of experience.We will learn about:

  • The subtleties of the breath and how important it is in relation to how we experience and move our body
  • The importance of relaxation as a way to find deep peace and space in our lives
  • How to access and experience common yoga poses and, most important, how to adapt them to suit our own bodies
  • The beauty of gentle flow as we sequence postures together (e.g. sun salutation)
  • The wider historical and philosophical context of Yoga beyond the physical practice

I absolutely love teaching yoga to all ages and levels of experience. Over the last few years I have realized that there is a gap in my teaching for beginners and so have decided to teach this new class and Iā€™m excited about it.

What I would hope is that you will fall in love with yoga through this introduction to the practice and then can either continue for another course or move on to another class taught by me or by someone else. For any more information please call Rebecca on 07907374278 or email