Lindsay Etchells

About Lindsay

Trained at the Arts Educational School London in Professional dance, Lindsay spent many years working and travelling extensively as a professional dance artist, choreographer and theatre maker. Towards the end of her dance career, she spent some time volunteering for an arts charity facilitating dance workshops and mentoring children and young people in some of Lisbon’s poorest areas with high numbers of drug addiction, this was Lindsay’s earliest experience of witnessing the power of dance as a bridge to connect with others emotional experience that goes beyond words, offering an embodied experience of connection and safety. After a career in dance Lindsay felt compelled to retrain in Integrative counselling and psychotherapy, over the years Lindsay’s lifelong journey through dance and mental health practices brought her to the world of Somatics that weaves everything together beautifully.
She holds a Masters with Distinction in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing from The University of Central Lancashire and is a Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist registered with ISMETA. Lindsay has a private therapeutic practice supporting client’s health and wellbeing through embodied imagination, touch and movement. She works one to one with clients and groups. Lindsay also runs Somatic movement classes for primary aged children, currently focussing on emotional and physical wellbeing in response to the decline in children’s mental health as a result of the pandemic.
Lindsay has a special interest in working with people who have experienced trauma and is currently a trainee in Somatic Experiencing® (SE) which is a body-centred therapeutic approach to healing from traumatic or overwhelming life situations and chronic stress.

Somatic Movement

Lindsay’s Somatic Movement classes support you to slow down and listen to the language of your body, this will be through gentle guided movement explorations, bringing awareness to breath and finding new ways to breathe and yield, By connecting with the wisdom of your body and psyche you can more skilfully weather life’s ups and downs, your body becomes your greatest ally to navigate pain and suffering and a way to find meaning and grace and a truer expression of yourself in your life. Using essential somatic tools, such as self-touch, authentic movement and creative responses, participants are supported to navigate new ways of being rather than doing. The last two years have had a profound effect on our nervous systems, we find ourselves at a great distance from an embodied felt sense of safety, and suffering a great deal from states of fear, restlessness, loneliness and acute stress. Now more than ever its essential to rest our nervous systems. By returning to our bodies, we discover our own natural tendency to healing and balance.

Contact Details for Somatic Movement with Lindsay

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