Will Medd

Will MeddMy role as a coach is to provoke you to discover the clarity, courage and commitment you need to change your experience of work and life and deepen the connections that matter.┬áResponding to, and in conversation with you, my coaching can be light, humorous, vibrant, and energising. At the same time it can be difficult, challenging, disruptive, involving fierce questions and looking awry for alternative perspectives. It can also provide some solace while at the same time evoking you to move forwards. Emotions, metaphor, embodied experience, stretching comfort zones all come to play a role.┬áI’ve been coaching since 2009, full-time since 2013 – you can find out more about my approach, qualifications and background at my website: www.willmedd.com

“If you say it is not possible, then you have closed a door. If you say it is possible, you have also closed a door. If you say ‘let’s find out’, then you are open to it, eager to find out” (Krishnamurti)