Sonia Welch

My love of Yoga and Ayurveda used together as a holistic practice came after my Ayurveda degree and subsequent yoga training, both in Yoga University (Nasik, India) and in Seasonal Yoga training in Glasgow. Five Element Fitness was, mostly, envisioned and created during the long hours of lockdown! and uses health techniques from Yoga and Ayurveda for a well-rounded at home health care practice.

Ayurveda uses movement, massage, diet, supplements and lifestyle changes to encourage our body back to its healthiest state.

The movement classes concentrate on the five movements of the spine along with restoring the relaxation response; strengthening outer and inner core; breath-work and meditation which are categorised into the Ether/Wind/Fire/Water/Earth classes and ‘Uplift and Mobilise (Ether/Wind Elements); ‘Warm and Strengthen (Fire/Water Elements); ‘Hydrate and Hug Inwards (Water/Earth Elements).

Currently, live classes follow the six therapeutic actions of Ayurvedic treatment plans for good health:

  • Anti-Aging (Nourishing the body)
  • Alkalising (Anti-Inflammatory)
  • De-Congesting
  • Managing Stress Overload
  • Supporting Digestion
  • Supporting mental health