Yoga is for everyone

If you’re a complete beginner to yoga, coming to a first class can be daunting. Am I supple enough? Am I strong enough? Won’t everyone else be so much more athletic, experienced, bendy and impressive than me? All of these are questions we have all asked ourselves and actually they continue to taunt us, however much experience of yoga we have. The challenge is to come to the class anyway and to quickly realise that yoga is more about being kind to yourself than it is about comparing yourself to others. You’ll also realise that your body, breath and mind change all the time and so when one day for example, you may feel miles away from touching your toes, on another you may find yourself surprised at how far you reach.

The thing to never forget is that the ancient yogis invented physical postures (asana) to help breathing and to prepare the body for meditation, not for acrobatic competition! And, as the ashtanga teacher David Swenson often says, being able to stand on your hands, for example,¬†doesn’t make you a better person. What is true is that you’ll feel the benefits immediately, however much of a beginner you feel…and that feeling only gets better.

There are a few practical things to remember:

  • Wear comfy clothing
  • Mats, blocks and belts are provided but at some point you may want to buy your own and definitely bring at least one blanket
  • Avoid eating up to 2 hours before class
  • Drugs, caffeine and alcohol affect balance
  • Please let your teacher¬†know if you are pregnant or have recently had an operation or are suffering from any particular ache, pain or injury